Hallett 500PN Validated UV Chamber

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The Hallett 500PN is a NSF 55 Class A Validated UV unit capable of 62.5lpm and fully compliant with NZ Drinking water standards.

Fantastic for anyone supplying water to the public who needs to comply with drinking water standards but wants a unit which is easy to use with less alarms.

E.g. Schools/Early Learning, Hotels, Motels, Cafés, Restaurants, Sports Clubs, Community Halls, Small Communities, Factories, Offices, Workplaces etc

Hallet 500PN Specifications
Flow Rate 62.5lpm
Minimum UV Transmission 75%
UV Dose 40mJ/cm2
Validation NSF 55 Class A

Hallett UV units are designed for when clean, safe water is not optional.
These award winning units have 3rd party validation ensuring they fully comply with NZ drinking water standards.

Hallett Validated UV units are Third Party Certified to either NSF 55 Class A, US EPA or UVDGM and are fully compliant with NZ Drinking Water Standards.

These units offer a host of features making them a global market leader in UV technology

  • Crossfire Technology
  • Self-Cleaning Quartz Sleeve – no manual cleaning required
  • Effective disinfection for up to 10x more difficult water
  • Air Mounted UV Lamps – no water contact lamp changes
  • Dual UV sensor array – real time monitoring
  • Built In Temperature Management (Air Cooling & Purge Valve) – reduce false alarms
  • Built In Surge Protection – protect against damage from power surges
  • Colour Touch Screen Interface – easy to use
  • Two dry contacts for warning and alarm signals
  • Optional 4-20 mA output with MODBUS connectivity
  • Remote start capability
  • USB Plug In Port – easy data monitoring
  • Optional Shut Off Valves available
Working Conditions
Hardness (Water) 855mg/L
Iron (Water) 3mg/L
Temperature (Air & Water) 1-40 °C
Water Pressure 34-690kPa (0.34-6.9bar)
Relative Humidity (Air) 70% Max

Easy to Install
  • Plug and play!
  • No need to worry about space to remove the lamps, these are air mounted and are removed by opening the front of the unit.
Easy To Maintain
  • Non-contact maintenance. The air mounted lamps and sensors mean that these can be removed without the operator being in contact with potentially contaminated water.
  • The self-cleaning quartz sleeve with mechanical wiper means there is no need to worry about fouling or pull out the quartz sleeve to clean it. It is also easy to inspect.
Less Annoying Alarms
  • The inbuilt temperature control means no alarms from lamps/water overheating.
  • The wiper in the quartz sleeve means less alarms from quartz sleeve fouling.
  • The air mounted sensors means no alarms from fouled sensors
Easy to Monitor
  • With 2 dry contacts included, setting up alarms is easy.
  • The colour touch screen and interface remembers the last 99 messages with a time stamp.
  • The USB port is ideal for data loggers.
  • An optional upgrade is available for 4-20mA output & MODBUS connectivity

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