DAB-GENIX-COMFORT130 - DAB Macerator Automatic Lifting Station

DAB-GENIX-COMFORT130 - DAB Macerator Automatic Lifting Station

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0.32 kW, 240V

GENIX is the new DAB macerator, designed to provide the maximum level of efficiency in the 3 main moments of its lifecycle.

Quick installation, comfort in utilization and simplified maintenance make GENIX the new benchmark in the setup of a bathroom ..where you never thought it was possible.

GENIX is indispensable when the wastewater coming from toilets, showers, sinks and cannot be expelled by gravity. These lifting stations can be installed wherever there is the wish to add a toilet during new installations, renovations or new constructions.

GENIX is provided with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. Fittings with non-return valves integrated, hose clamps, hose adaptors, ground-fixing screws, anti-vibration rubber nubs, and illustrated quick guide.

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