25 Micron Polyspun Coarse Sediment Filter 10" Big

25 Micron Polyspun Coarse Sediment Filter 10" Big

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  • Sediment Filters are used to remove particles from water and protect downstream taps etc from clogging
  • Sediment cartridges are resistant to attack by bacteria and chemicals and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including domestic, commercial and industrial.

CS & TS Pleated Cartridge Range

  • Polyspun cartridges are commonly used as the final filtration for sediment as damage does not compromise the micron rating
  • These depth filters have a very large surface area and better dirt holding capacity than pleated filters
  • 5 & 1 Micron versions are also often used as the final filter before a UV as drinking water standards require a minimum of 5 micron depth filtration
  • 25 Micron version is sometimes used in place of a pleated filter for those who prefer to just change filters without the need to clean them, the higher dirt holding capacity means more time between giving the filters attention

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